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Page Unique Views

What is Page Unique Views?

Page Unique Views indicates the number of unique users that have viewed a web page or social media page. The Unique Views metric counts only one visit per unique user account.

Alternate names: Unique Visitors

How to calculate Page Unique Views

ƒ Count(Page Unique Views)


A LinkedIn page is visited by 50 unique users in one day. This means that the count of Page Unique Views for that day is 50. If one of those users visited the page five times in the same session, it would still count as one Page Unique View.

More about this metric

Page Unique Views measures the number of unique users that have viewed your page and disregards repeat views from the same user, as long as these views occur within the same session. Tracking this metric is an important first step towards understanding your audience.

This is different from Page Views because it does not take multiple page visitations from the same user into account, provided these repeat visits are in the same session. For example, if a user views a page, clicks away, and returns to the same page, this is only counted once.

Page Unique Views provides valuable information about the actual number of users that visit a page. This number gives a realistic idea of the size of the current audience for a page, and can be used to judge the extent of future efforts required to grow or maintain a following. This metric can be viewed by source to understand the origin of the views; either organic or paid. It is also helpful to segment the metric by other dimensions such as age, region, and gender to have a deep understanding of who is viewing the page.

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