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Phone Call Clicks

What is Phone Call Clicks?

Phone Call Clicks counts the number of times a phone number link is clicked on a website. Track how frequently users click on phone number links to deepen your understanding of your website’s conversion rate.

How to calculate Phone Call Clicks

ƒ Count(Phone Call Clicks)


Say your website displays a clickable phone number on the contact page. Over the course of one month, visitors to your website click this link 500 times. Your Phone Call Clicks for that month is 500.

More about this metric

Adding a clickable phone number on your website will allow visitors to tap the link to instantly call your business. This is directed at mobile users and can be tracked to get insights on user behaviour on your website. To get a clickable phone number on your website, use “tel” in your HTML hyperlink tag. Most often, Google Tag Manager is used to track Phone Call Clicks.

Depending on the nature of your business, phone calls may be crucial to your user engagement. By tracking how often visitors to your website click to call you, you can measure the conversion rate of your call-to-action.

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