Reach per Million Users

What are Reach per Million Users?

Reach is an Alexa Web Search metric that measures the number of people who have the Alexa toolbar or extension installed and who saw your content. If your website has a Reach score of 5,000, this means that 5,000 people out of a sample of 1 million, who have the toolbar or extension installed, saw your site yesterday.

How to calculate Reach per Million Users

ƒ Count Unique(People who saw your content per Day per Million Users)

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Date created: Jan 15, 2019

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This isn’t a perfect metric as it includes a skewed sample of users. But, used over time it's still a good way to understand trends and compare sites.

Data for Alexa's reach, rank, and search analytics are collected from millions of users who have the Alexa toolbar or extension installed. As a result, Alexa is able to collect, anonymize, and track web traffic over time.

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