Sign Up Rate

Date created: Jan 15, 2021  •   Last updated: Feb 5, 2021

What is Sign Up Rate?

Sign Up Rate is measured as the percentage of your website's visitors that sign up in response to your marketing campaign. This metric is used to specifically measure how many people respond by signing up out of all the people that have seen your call-to-action.

Alternate names: Web Conversion Rate


ƒ Count(Sign Ups) / Count(Sessions)

How to calculate

A website’s landing page features a trial for a product. In addition to this, visitors to the website see a pop-up which asks them to sign up for a newsletter. Assuming that the page gets 20,000 users sessions, which includes the number of times both the trial button and the pop-up are seen, 200 people sign up for a trial and another 100 sign up for the newsletter, the Sign Up Rate for this page is 300 / 20,000 which is 1.5%.

Sign Up Rate

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What is a good Sign Up Rate benchmark?

According to WordStream's benchmark report, the average Sign Up Rate for SaaS websites ranges between 2% to 5%, with top performing sites converting at more than 11%.

SaaS Sign-up Rate

SaaS Sign-up Rate

WordStream, 2020
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More about this metric

Sign Up Rate is a great way to measure your website and marketing campaign’s ability to convert. Sign ups can be gathered through multiple channels including sign-up forms, trial buttons, and pop-up forms. Being selective and strategic with the channel, messaging, and ask of your forms will result in better Sign Up Rates.

Sign up forms and buttons can be A/B tested for effectiveness to arrive at the best combination that leads to higher Sign Up Rates. Unlike other conversion metrics such as Bounce Rate, you can directly measure, modify, and positively influence your Sign Up Rate with small but powerful changes. If your website’s Sign Up Rate is lower than average, focus on Conversion Rate Optimization by responding to patterns in user behavior and eliminating confusion from your CTAs.