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Text Message Clicks

What is Text Message Clicks?

Text Message Clicks counts the number of times people have clicked on the option to send a text message to the number linked in your social media profile page. This option is available as a contact method for businesses on social media platforms such as Instagram.

How to calculate Text Message Clicks

ƒ Count(Text Message Clicks)


Assume that on your Instagram profile page, you allow users to send your business text messages. From the time that you added this option to date, users have clicked the button 500 times. Your total Text Message Clicks count is 500.

More about this metric

The option to allow users to send a Text Message to your business allows for easier and more convenient communication between you and your customers. This feature is most commonly found on Instagram, where you can add the option under the “Contact” section of your profile page.

It is important to note that Instagram limits you to either display the Text Message option or the Phone Call option for users to click. Deciding which method of communication is used more by your target demographic can lead to better and more frequent communication with your audience. Track Text Message Clicks to measure your audience’s interest or need to communicate with you in a more casual way.

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