Date created: Mar 15, 2021  •   Last updated: Mar 15, 2021

What is Users?

Users is the count of both new and returning visitors to your website. They are usually tracked by a client ID assigned to each unique user the first time they visit your website.

Alternate names: Website Visitors, Website Users


ƒ Count(Users)

How to calculate

When you check your website analytics, you notice that 20,000 users have visited your website in the past month. Regardless of whether they are new or returning visitors to your website, your Users count for that month is 20,000.


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More about this metric

Users, also known as Website Visitors, is a commonly tracked metric measuring the volume of visitors to your website. Users includes new and returning users and can be a useful metric to measure website growth and popularity over time. It is also helpful to track other metrics, such as Sign Up Rate, to better understand the value bought into your business by your website Users.

Visitors to your website are logged and tracked as Users from the first time they visit your website, with the help of a unique client ID assigned to them. This client ID helps distinguish between new users and returning users. By separating this metric into new and returning users, you can identify if users are compelled to return to your website, thus demonstrating potential to convert.

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