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Video Click-Through Rate

What is Video Click-Through Rate?

Video Click-Through Rate is the percentage of times your video is clicked to play out of the total number of times your video is shown. It measures how effective your call-to-action, video thumbnail, and overall presentation is in converting video views to video clicks.

How to calculate Video Click-Through Rate

ƒ Count(Video Clicks) / Count(Video Views)


Your landing page hosts a video ad for your product. Out of the 10,000 times your video is shown, 400 convert to clicks. Therefore, your Video Click-Through Rate is 4%.

More about this metric

Video ads are a medium of content that suggest value for the end-user due to the high level of effort required to produce videos. They can be highly engaging and effectively communicate your message and call-to-action while holding the viewer’s attention.

Video Click-Through Rate (CTR) is a great metric to measure the first impression your video makes on viewers. This metric measures how many people click to play your video after merely viewing the thumbnail or preview of your video. Having a low Video CTR indicates that you may need to improve your video text including the title, descriptive text, and call-to-action, as well as other eye-catching visual elements such as your video thumbnail.

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