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Video Comments

What is Video Comments?

A video comment is a primarily text-based form of engagement on a social media platform where users respond to videos via the comment feature on videos. The number of comments on a video is one indication of the level of engagement users have with that video.

How to calculate Video Comments

ƒ Count(Video Comments)


If a business posts a video on Facebook and the video receives 10 comments, the total number of video comments on that day is 10.

More about this metric

Videos can be an interesting way to educate an audience about new products, corporate social responsibility efforts, events, or even just the business mission and vision. Videos can vary in terms of content and length based on the platform and target audience. Video platforms such as YouTube tend to have longer videos which are informative or educational, while social platforms such as Facebook and Instagram tend to have shorter videos with a call-to-action to a specific ask. Live videos have proven increasingly popular with audiences because they bring an interactive element to videos.

Comments on videos can serve many purposes including discussions, contest participation, and questions or customer feedback. Measuring the number of comments on videos can indicate how effectively the video is engaging users. It is also important to analyze the sentiment of these comments to plan the direction of future videos and posts.

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