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Video Cost

What is Video Cost?

Video Cost is the sum of all marketing-related expenditures made on digital video advertisements. The most common marketing costs associated with video ads are Cost-Per-Click (CPC) and Cost-Per-Thousand-Impressions (CPM).

How to calculate Video Cost

ƒ Sum(Video Cost)


A video ad has a CPC of $10,000 and a CPM of $20,000. The sum of Video Cost for the ad is $30,000.

More about this metric

Video advertisements can be a great way to engage with the target audience, draw attention to your business, and effectively communicate your message. While they are highly effective, these returns come at a cost. Video Cost is the sum of all marketing expenses related to your video ad.

These costs are calculated based on metrics that measure user engagement with your ad, indicating that the ad is reaching audiences. These metrics include Cost-Per-Click (CPC) and Cost-Per-Thousand-Impressions (CPM). While it is preferable that your Video Cost trends down over time, it makes sense for this number to be higher at certain times, such as during a promotion campaign for the launch of a new product. Track Video Cost alongside other video ad performance metrics such as Video Conversion Value to get a complete picture of your ad’s cost effectiveness.

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