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Video Cost per View

What is Video Cost per View?

Video Cost per View measures the cost associated with video views on video ads. It is calculated by dividing the sum of Video Cost by the total number of video views.

How to calculate Video Cost per View

ƒ Sum(Video Cost) / Count(Video Views)


A video ad has a Video Cost of $10,000. The ad has received a total of 100,000 views. Therefore, the Video Cost per View is $0.10.

More about this metric

The Video Views metric is the measure of the number of times your video has been viewed. Different platforms define what counts as a view differently, with one of the most common definitions being a view of your video that lasts longer than 3 seconds. Getting views on your video is the first step towards gathering Video Conversions. By tracking Video Cost per View and tallying your views against the marketing costs that went towards your video ad, you are able to find the return on your Video Costs.

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