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Video Impressions

What is Video Impressions?

Video Impressions is the total number of times your video thumbnail has been seen. It is different from views because the user is not required to watch the video for it to count as an impression.

How to calculate Video Impressions

ƒ Count(Video Impressions)


If your Instagram video ad gets 20,000 impressions in one week, then that is your Video Impressions for the week.

More about this metric

Video Impressions is a metric that can help you understand how much reach your video ad has. Although different from Video Views, which is the number of times your video has been started and watched for more than 3 seconds, Impressions is a useful metric to validate your content marketing strategy. Video Impressions are gained anytime a user comes across your video in their feed or through any other channel. One way to increase this number is to have a catchy thumbnail and a relevant video title. On many social media platforms, videos generally auto-play which could then be counted as a video view if the user watches for more than 3 seconds.

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