Video Likes

Date created: Oct 20, 2020  •   Last updated: Oct 20, 2020

What is Video Likes?

Video Likes are a measure of the popularity of video posts on social media platforms. This metric counts the number of likes a video has received from social media users and can be used to gauge the engagement rate of a video or group of videos.


ƒ Count(Video Likes)

How to calculate

A video posted on Facebook that receives 50 likes has a Video Likes count of 50.

Video Likes

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More about this metric

Videos are an increasingly popular way of communicating medium-to-long messages on social media. Videos with a high resolution, high quality audio, and to-the-point messaging work best to capture an audience and keep them engaged. They add a human touch to messages communicated by a business and are a great opportunity to let customers meet the people behind the business.

By tracking the likes received on a video, businesses can measure the extent to which their message has been spread and appreciated by the target audience. On certain video content platforms, such as YouTube, Video Likes add authenticity and show that a content creator or piece of content is popular. Video Likes also play a crucial part in search algorithms by boosting the ranking of a video.