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Video Starts

What is Video Starts?

A Video Start refers to the number of times a video starts to play.

Alternate names: Video Plays

How to calculate Video Starts

ƒ Count(Video Starts)

What is a good Video Starts benchmark?

Video Starts for a video can be benchmarked against Video Starts for another video or collection of video content.


You recently published a one-minute explainer video on your social channels, and your video was started 280 times. In this example, Video Starts is 280.

More about this metric

A Video Start refers to the number of times a video starts to play. A Video Start differs from a Video View, which may have a requirement of “seconds viewed” before it is considered a View (depending on the viewing platform).

On some viewing platforms, Video Starts are used as the denominator for view rate metrics, such as Average View Rate or Average View Time. On other platforms, the Video Views metric is used. It is important to read the metric definitions of each platform you use before making any comparisons.

The Video Starts metric is especially relevant for Sales, Marketing, Advertising, Social Media, and Editorial/Production functions.

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