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Website Clicks

What is Website Clicks?

Website Clicks counts the number of times people clicked on the link to your website on your social media profile page. Most social media platforms allow businesses to link to at least one website on the profile page.

How to calculate Website Clicks

ƒ Count(Website Clicks)


You run a lifestyle blog that you have linked to on your Instagram profile page. If users click on the link 1,000 times, your Website Clicks count is 1,000.

More about this metric

Social media platforms such as Instagram are useful to repackage your content in various formats to generate engagement and grow traffic to your website. On Instagram, you are able to add a link to a website on your profile page. Users see this link at the top of your page every time they visit your profile.

If the main goal of your social media profiles is to direct traffic to your website, it is important to add the link to your profile and track your Website Clicks. Tracking this number over time can let you measure the effectiveness of your social media strategy.

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