Website New Users

What are Website New Users?

New Users are the count of users that visit your site for the first time. Google Analytics assigns a unique identifier to each user. Unless the user clears their cookies or uses a new device unknown to Google, this unique identifier is how Google knows if this is a new or returning user.

How to calculate Website New Users

ƒ Count(New Users)

Favourable trend

Up is positive

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Date created: Jan 15, 2019

Latest update: Apr 14, 2019

Tell me more about this metric

The New Users metric is closely tied to your demand generation activities, such as advertising, word-of-mouth, social-media, events etc... anything really where the top of the marketing funnel needs to be measured.

Along with the count of New Users, it's important to assess the quality of this new traffic. Use metrics such as Bounce Rate, Time on Site, or Average Pages per Session to measure this.

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