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Won Opportunities

What is Won Opportunities?

Won Opportunities is the count of sales opportunities that are “Closed Won”. It is a measure of success of the Sales and Marketing teams. "Closed Won" is the stage at which a quote or proposal has been signed or electronically accepted and is now considered fulfillable. Counter to Won Customers, Won Opportunities apply to both new and existing customers.

Alternate names: Won Deals, Sales Closed

How to calculate Won Opportunities

ƒ Count(Won Opportunities)

More about this metric

Sales cycles vary from business to business, but what is consistent is that every potential customer goes through a very similar set of stages. It's generally the same cycle wether or not it's a small purchase such as a pen at a stationary store, or a large multi-year consulting contract. For the buyer, this journey is often described as Awareness of Need > Consideration and Research > Decision and Purchase (and not to be forgotten Post Purchase Re-Assurance). Each of these stages can map to a stage in the sales process, such as Prospecting > Qualification > Needs Discovery > Proposal and Negotiation > Closed Won or Closed Lost. 

Numerically, Closed Won represents 100% probability of making the sale, where a stage such as Qualification might only account for 20%.

Analyzing Won Opportunities is an important part of sales management. Understanding what reps, what regions or countries, or which products perform well, or end up as Closed Lost, is crucial in understanding your go-to-market and sales efficiency.

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