Photo Comments

Date created: Oct 20, 2020  •   Last updated: Oct 20, 2020

What is Photo Comments?

A photo comment is a primarily text-based form of engagement on a social media platform where users respond to photos via the comment feature on photos. The number of comments on a photo indicates the level of engagement users have with that photo.


ƒ Count(Photo Comments)

How to calculate

A business posts two photos on Facebook and each photo receives five comments. The total number of Photo Comments is 10.

Photo Comments

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More about this metric

Photos are a great way to capture the attention of social media users because they tend to give a great deal of information concisely and in a manner that is pleasing to the eye. Most social media platforms, including Facebook, allow users to comment on photos. This type of comment is called a Photo Comment.

Photos, especially those with a social or human touch, usually generate more interaction than other types of content. Measuring the number of comments on photos can indicate how effectively each photo, or group of photos under a common theme, are engaging users. It is also important to analyze the sentiment of these comments to plan the direction of future photos and posts.

In general, a higher number of comments indicates increased engagement with a photo. However, it is important to note the type of comments, as many positive comments or product inquiries is a good sign, whereas a large number of negative comments can negatively impact the brand image.