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Post Comments

What is Post Comments?

A Post Comment, or simply Comment, is a primarily text-based form of engagement on a social media platform which allows users to respond to posts in their own words. The number of comments on a piece of content indicates the level of engagement users have with that content.

How to calculate Post Comments

ƒ Count(Post Comments)

What is a good Post Comments benchmark?

According to a 2019 study of social media benchmarks from 20,000 customers across 12 industries by Sprout Social, brands receive an average of 101 comments on Facebook posts and an average of 69 comments on Instagram posts, per day across industries.


Say a business posts three pieces of content on Facebook in one day and each post receives 10 comments. The total number of comments on that day is 30.

More about this metric

Comments on social media are a great way to measure not only engagement but also the users’ opinion on the brand, product, and content. When a user comments on a post, it can show interest and perceived value in the brand or content. It is also important to understand the tone and sentiment of comments because the main goal is not only to increase engagement, but to increase positive engagement.

Popular social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter all display content to users in the form of “feeds”, which are a scrolling list of posts. Each user’s feed is personalized to them by sorting algorithms that display posts relevant to the user based on their interaction history on the platform. Comments play a large role in how content is displayed to users based on sorting algorithms.

In order to grow the number of comments received on a post, it might be helpful to include a call to action in the form of an open-ended question in the content posted on social media. Businesses must also be careful to handle any negative engagement, such as a complaint comment, in a way that reflects professionalism and empathy for the customer.

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