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Post Impressions

What is Post Impressions?

Post Impressions is the total number of times a post was visible in user timelines or feeds. It simply indicates that the post was shown in a timeline or feed and does not necessarily mean that people read it, clicked to open it, or engaged with it in any way. It’s important to distinguish between Post Impressions and Post Reach.

Alternate names: Post Exposure

How to calculate Post Impressions

ƒ Count(Post Impressions)


Company ABC has 100 followers on Facebook. The company shares a post that appears in each follower’s feed twice in one week. In this case, the impression and reach metrics for a one week period are as follows: Impressions: 200 Reach: 100 Impressions count the total number of times a post was visible to others whereas reach counts the number of unique people the post was visible to, regardless of how many times it was visible in each person’s timeline.

More about this metric

Post Impressions is the number of times a post was visible in timelines or feeds on social media platforms. It does not necessarily mean that the post was viewed in detail or interacted with in any way; it simply means that the post was visible in users’ timelines or feeds.

Post impressions is a total count, not a unique count. There are times when a post may be visible to users more than once. Each time this happens, it is counted as a separate impression. For example, a paid post may be visible to the same group of users once per day for a week. In other cases, a post may be visible multiple times by one person because it is shared or engaged with by their followers and becomes visible a second time when this happens.

Post impressions can be paired with other metrics to get a better understanding of how relevant the content is. For example, if a post yields a high impressions count but low views count, this might indicate that while the content is visible to many people, it is not relevant enough for users to click or engage with it. Similarly, if a post has a low reach count but high impressions count, this can indicate that the post is only visible to a smaller number of users but those users are seeing it multiple times.

Post impressions is a useful metric used in conjunction with other metrics to best understand how content is being made visible in users’ timelines or feeds and gauge the post’s effectiveness in meeting KPIs and goals.

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