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Profile Views

What is Profile Views?

Profile Views counts the total number of views a social media profile has received from unique accounts over a specific period of time. Each time a unique account views a profile, it increases the Profile Views count for that profile, even if the same account views the profile multiple times.

How to calculate Profile Views

ƒ Count(Profile Views)

What is a good Profile Views benchmark?

This metric is a relative value. Based on a given starting point, measurement is observed to see if the number increases. Increases could be tied to recent activity on the given platform where the profile exists. Decreases could mean you need to increase your activity or revise your audience engagement tactics.


A company’s LinkedIn profile got 1,000 views from unique accounts last week. Additionally, in that same week, 500 unique accounts viewed the same company’s Facebook profile twice each. For that week, the company’s Profile Views count is 2,000, which is the sum of 1,000 LinkedIn views and two views each from 500 Facebook users which is 1,000 views.

More about this metric

Profile Views gives the count of the number of times your social media profile has been viewed. This is a common metric available for businesses,and personal accounts in certain cases, to track on most social media platforms including LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

On Instagram, Profile Views and other similar metrics are only available to business accounts, whereas LinkedIn and Twitter track this information regardless of account type. To increase your Profile Views, post engaging content with relevant keywords, hashtags, and a call-to-action. Profile Views can be regarded as conversation starters since someone has shown an interest in your business. Increasing Profile Views has the potential to increase content engagement, thereby growing brand awareness.

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