The ultimate resources to help you master the art of CRM

CRM is a surefire way to ensure your business is managing its pipeline in the most efficient way possible, leaving you more time to focus on all of the other moving parts, and ultimately, getting you the results you’re looking for. In this blog, we narrow down the top training resources to help you become a CRM pro.


Nailing down B2B Sales KPIs that drive results like a boss

Creating KPIs for your sales team that are in-sync and supportive of organizational goals will ensure your team is headed down the path to success. Learn how to define your B2B company’s sales KPIs. Continuously and consistently communicate and monitor your KPIs using Klipfolio dashboard metrics.


Dashboard journalism: A beginner’s guide

Journalism is changing.

Reporters used to celebrate their numerical illiteracy.

Now they’re building pivot tables and mapping out Excel spreadsheets.

Data is playing an increasingly large role in journalists’ daily attempts to dig up public interest stories that would otherwise have stayed hidden.

It only makes sense, then, for journalists to start using a tool that’s changed how the business world interacts with its data: The dashboard.

Dashboard journalism can help news outlets:


How to start tracking historical Twitter data using Klipfolio

Learn how Klipfolio can help you get historical data out of Twitter.


Data visualization sounds great in theory. Who wouldn’t prefer to present their business metrics in visuals rather than raw numbers? But in practice it can be a lot more complicated.
Building reports on your key performance indicators and metrics can be an excruciating task. There are so many sources of data – and so many reporting metrics companies are choosing to follow – that pulling together KPI reports is arduous and time-consuming.
How to build a custom dashboard using Excel data. There’s a story behind your Excel numbers. Even after all these years, Excel remains a staple for businesses around the world. And why not? If you’re looking for a simple tool into which you can dump data and build formulas, you could do a lot worse.
Google Analytics is one of the most powerful and important tools available to digital marketers, user experience designers and business professionals today. With just a few clicks, you can access a wealth of information on one of the most essential tools in your company’s arsenal: Its website.