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Use Searchmetrics as a data source

klipfolio - searchmetrics data source

If content is king in the marketing world, then SEO is the throne upon which the king sits. The new Searchmetrics integration allows you to combine rich SEO insights with web analytics, social media insights and sales data to get a complete view of your marketing kingdom.

To help kick-off this new partnership, we sent our very own Zach Kathnelson to Visibility 2014 in Chicago. This event captures all that is good about SEO and content marketing today; brilliant discussions about the impact of Google on the future SEO, workshops on the power of content marketing, and the place of SEO in an ever expanding marketing intelligence landscape.

On the technical side of things, we’ve added Searchmetrics as one of our core data connectors. Klipfolio customers can now pull all their SEO data together to create stunning, real-time dashboards. And, Searchmetrics customers can build powerful custom reports that compliment and enhance existing, out-of-the-box reporting from the Searchmetrics environment. It’s a win-win for Klipfolio and Searchmetrics customers.

A taste of what’s to come

To paint a picture of the art of the possible, we’ve been working with Searchmetrics team to understand how their wonderful SEO analytics can be visualized in Klipfolio. Here are three examples to whet your appetite.

Backlink Structure

Link building metrics are important for SEO. Links are the currency of choice for SEOs and content marketers. A strong backlink structure is an essential ingredient for a successful SEO strategy. This visualization exposes that data in an easily digestible way.

Klipfolio - backlink structure

Keyword Rankings and Visitors

At the core of the Klipfolio-Searchmetrics is enabling customers to combine multiple data sources together to get unique insights. The SEO keyword ranking metric is a core part of the Search Engine Marketers’ (SEMs) analytics diet, and by combining Searchmetrics data with web analytics (in this case courtesy of Google Analytics), they will have their fill of data.

Klipfolio - keyword opportunity performance

Keyword Click-Through Rates and Goal Completions

SEMs spend hours obsessing over meta-descriptions and meta-titles to ensure the highest Click-Through Rate (CTR) possible. Beyond that, SEMs have evolved to be concerned about more than keyword ranks and get the big picture: ultimately, they want organic search traffic to convert to known leads. This visualization combines these two objectives to give SEMs direction as to which keyword phrases resonate, and how well landing pages convert.

Klipfolio - keyword ctr and gcr

Who benefits?

No doubt about it, the Searchmetrics integration fills a gap in the marketing data sources currently supported in Klipfolio. It’s happily injecting rich SEO data into our platform. This partnership has already had an impact on our partner network, who comprise some of the top marketing agencies in North America and Europe. Learn more about these metrics, among many others that you can include on your SEO dashboard.


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