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Explainer Video

See how Klipfolio can help you track your business metrics

2 Ways to Build Dashboards

In just a few clicks you can create real-time, custom dashboards for all of your metrics

More Video Resources

Become a Klipfolio expert with help from our webinar tutorial videos

Klipfolio 101 Webinar

Learn how to build your first Klip and dashboard in our Klipfolio 101 workshop. We will go over our KlipStarts, Klip Gallery, and custom building.

Klipfolio 201 Webinar

During this workshop, we will cover some of the more widely-used data sources, and the top five fundamental functions to increase your skills.

Klipfolio 301 Webinar

A 301 tutorial on working with dates and times in Klipfolio.

Klipfolio 401 Webinar

During this session we'll focus on connecting your data to Klipfolio. We’ll be looking at popular web services you can find in our Connector Gallery and digging deeper into our Rest/URL connector.

Klipfolio 402 Webinar

Klipfolio 402 is a session focused on dynamic datasources. We’ll be looking at a specific example and providing tips on how you can use dynamic datasources in your Klips.

Klipfolio 403 Webinar

Klipfolio 403 is a session focused on Google Analytics. By the end of this webinar, you'll be able to modify Gallery Klips and build your own Google Analytics Klips from scratch with help from the Query Explorer.

Klipfolio 404 Webinar

Klipfolio 404 is a session on using JSON and XML datasources in Klipfolio. After watching this video, you’ll be able to create basic Klips using JSON or XML data.

Klipfolio 405 Webinar

Klipfolio 405 is a session that goes over advanced uses of JSON and XML data. This includes using Klipfolio XPath functions, and creating XPath with Klipfolio variables using the DATASOURCE function.