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Klipfolio for iPhone is now available

Klipfolio for iPhone is now available

Today we announced the availability of Klipfolio for iPhone which will give Klipfolio users 24/7 easy access to their most import metrics and another reason to ignore their dinner dates while on their phone ;-)

Download Klipfolio on the App Store

In this first release of the iPhone App, we focused on making your dashboards viewable and meaningful on the iPhone (5 or newer). What does that mean? It means giving you all the interactivity you are used to, laying Klips out vertically, and ensuring that you have control over what is on or off your mobile view without affecting your desktop browser view.

Here is some of what you get with Klipfolio for iPhone:

  • Mobile control: Access any dashboard you’ve built by clicking on the Add button at the bottom of My Dashboards
  • Auto resize with phone rotation: Klips automatically resize when the phone is rotated
  • Interactivity: The same interactivity you enjoy on the desktop browser is available in Klipfolio for iPhone so you can use drop down menus to filter, click on chart legends to filter series, and click on a data point in a series to see a tool tip with the data point’s value
  • Dynamic resizing: Most Klips (see exceptions below) will be dynamically resized to fit the real-estate available on the iPhone

We made the decision to get version 1 out quickly and like all product decisions we make, some things get left for releases to follow.

Two of those things are: Klips laid out horizontally are not dynamically broken apart and put vertically and large tables are not dynamically resized. For that reason, and for the reason that even with resizing some Klips are difficult to read on a smaller screen, we recommend designing Klips with mobile viewing in mind.

Check out this guide for mobile dashboard design tips.

And lastly, yes, we will have Klipfolio for Android! It won’t be long.

Let us know what you think of this new app. And if you love it, share a glowing review on the App Store... If you don’t, tell us!


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