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The 10 reasons my sales dashboard really works, and can for you, too

The 10 reasons my sales dashboard really works, and can for you, too

As a cloud-based dashboard provider, you can imagine that we've invested a lot of time and effort into our own internal sales dashboards. But building dashboards isn't a one-and-done affair; we continually refine, revise, and update our dashboards. However, each sales dashboard we've created over the years has had the misfortune of being tagged a "work in progress" and, frankly, failed to live up to our high standards.

Then, in mid-2015, the sales team got serious about building a best-in-class dashboard. We started taking our own dashboard advice – the same advice we put into practice when working with customers to build their dashboards – and started applying lessons from previous versions of our sales dashboard. The result of this process is a best-in-class dashboard that helps us achieve our business goals on a daily basis. This outcome has been even better than we could have imagined.

Here are 10 reasons we are in love with our sales dashboard, and why we turn to it every day to help us make decisions and measure progress towards achieving our ambitious sales goals.

  1. Our dashboard tells the story plainly about how we are doing relative to our expected results. This is vital for tracking our progress and making corrections if needed.
  2. Our dashboard is the one place we put all of our sales information together. There is one source of truth and it’s our dashboard. It’s available for all to see.
  3. Our sales data changes very regularly, and our dashboard responds in real time. As an industry veteran, I can’t tell you how wonderful it is to see our numbers update as events happen. Real time, means REAL time.
  4. Our dashboard shows our progress for varying time horizons (day, week, month etc). Again, it gives us another perspective on how we compare relative to our forecast results.
  5. Our dashboard is posted on a wall monitor where the team uses it to collaborate and focus our efforts. The dashboard has become a rallying point for the entire Klipfolio team.
  6. Our dashboard dynamically adjusts interim targets and thresholds based on time remaining in the period, and remaining gaps to target. Okay, this is really smart and makes my job easier.
  7. Our dashboard visually changes in appearance (i.e. colour, indicators etc) as we progress towards the targets. True to good visualizations, we use design including colours and indicators to grab a quick visual of what’s going down.
  8. Our dashboard can easily be adjusted and improved to align with our business needs. I’m not a dashboard Ninja like those on our support team, but I am able to tweak our dashboard with ease when needed.
  9. Our dashboard is everywhere - not just on the wall, in the browser, but also in the mobile app, or arriving by scheduled email. I can view our results on my iPhone, on my laptop and I even get scheduled email reports. This is true up-to-the-minute performance tracking.
  10. The entire company has bought into using our dashboard and check it regularly. As a small team, it is crucial that each and every team member understands both our sales targets and our actual results. After all, we all have to drive from the same place to be successful.

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