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But who supports the Help Desk?

But who supports the Help Desk?

You only need to weather one call center storm to understand why enterprise help desk teams often develop a siege mentality. While all these service desk pros are supporting regular users, who supports them?

A couple years back the KlipFolio team decided that we do. And as it happened, quite a few of our business dashboard customers now come from the help desk department. Interestingly, while they also use KlipFolio enterprise as a dashboard for their own KPIs and metrics, what they really want is a fast and effective way of alerting employees to systems changes. It's a really good way of avoiding the call storms that make life difficult for the help desk team.

I shared this message with the Help Desk Institute at its annual conference on May 15. The response was unanimously positive. But the high turn out at the conference left us wondering, if all the Help Desk staff were at the conference....who was answering the phones? Please contact your system administrator.


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