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Operational BI: The best have it, laggards don't

I wanted to sum up the findings in an Aberdeen Group report published a few weeks ago, as their research highlights big differences in the success of companies that use Operational BI and those who don't.

I don't like to use the phrase "I told you so", but, as someone who evangelizes the business benefits of operational BI this comes as no surprise. For those of you that are sitting on the fence, the Aberdeen Group research provides another independent proof point that the greater the awareness and visibility of performance metrics increases the ability of a company to grow revenue, increase customer satisfaction and stay ahead of their competitors by connecting operational decision makers with operational data.

A total of 260 global companies took part in the study. Here are some of the key takeaways;

  • Companies using operational BI, were two times better than the average for both financial operating performance, and year-over-year sales pipeline performance.
  • 86% of the top performing companies use operational business intelligence tools.
  • Top performing companies believe in a "performance culture" throughout the hierarchy. Aligning operational KPIs with employee's activities and making them available to all employees.
  • In top performing companies, 93% of key operational information is delivered to decision makers in "right time".

I am encouraged by many of the reports finding as it demonstrates the most successful companies are using operational BI tools. It also supports our beliefs at Klipfolio: that right-time awareness of role-dependent performance metrics throughout the entire organization provide our customers with improved operational efficiency, optimizes their sales pipeline, improves customer satisfaction and most importantly drives their profitability.

You can get a complimentary copy of the report through Aberdeen Group until the end of October.