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KPI Dashboards in the Call Center

KPI Dashboards in the Call Center

To the uninitiated a call center dashboard could be viewed as a group of individuals randomly answering calls. However, nothing could be further from the truth. No matter what the size of your business the call center, whether it is a sales or service operation, is usually the first point of contact for most prospects or customers and it is this critical touch point that can make a difference in the perception of your company image.

To be effective a call center has to be an integral part of a company's strategic plan with clear goals and objectives than can be measured and managed. The importance of continuous performance evaluation and strategic planning in a call center cannot be underestimated and the relevant key performance indicators (KPIs) have to be identified and tracked to measure the overall cost or contribution to the business.

Balancing Customer and Business metrics

Managing an effective call center is complex; they are dynamic, requiring information and data to be on hand when needed. Call center metrics are a balance of customer satisfaction and business process and are heavily interrelated. A KPI Dashboard should be used as part of a balanced scorecard approach for measuring overall performance. Customers want a good experience, short wait times, knowledgeable agents, resolution to inquiries in single call without long periods on hold. Your business is looking to maximise the revenue per call, while minimizing its costs. While also looking to leverage opportunities to up-sell products and services, keep customer satisfaction levels high and keep agents busy.

Keeping team and business priorities front and center

A KPI Dashboard optimized for the call center provides a simplified, actionable visualization of the operational business data to front line agents, supervisors and managers so they can see trends, manage exceptions and take corrective action to achieve business objectives and keep callers happy. The KPIs you choose should provide agents with call statistics from the phone system in addition to being able see and search on up-to-date information from enterprise, CRM or ERP applications from their desktop, agents never lose sight of what they are being measured against, how they are performing and can manage their behaviour accordingly.

We see from our customers that individual's actions are aligned with, and contribute to, team goals that are driven by business strategies underlying the key performance indicators in front of them and the ROI of a Dashboard is calculated in weeks, not months or years.


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