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Agencies, consultants or solution providers who need to build and manage customized dashboards.
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Agencies, solution provides or OEMs who need to automate reports and create dashboards with a white label design that reflects your brand. Ask your account manager about this Bundle, you save 30%
Klipfolio - Business Dashboard Software Business Solutions Providers

Klipfolio for OEMs

Klipfolio allows you to pull in data from all of the platforms you use to track the health of your manufacturing processes.

What does this mean for you? No more wasting precious time manually checking and rechecking reports. Instead, get actionable insights in real-time that you can use to make better decisions for your business every day.

There is a lot of work that goes into ensuring manufacturing processes go smoothly

From obtaining resources to quality control, manufacturers have a ton on their plates. With each phase in the manufacturing process comes data to be analyzed, recorded, and reflected upon. This data provides meaningful insights that help you make decisions that ensure your business runs smoothly.

Generating reports every other day can be time consuming, especially when your data can change at any given moment. Klipfolio eliminates this lengthy process and saves you your most precious resource: time.

Be in-the-know at all times. Monitor the success of your efforts with real-time reporting

Klipfolio connects to hundreds of data sources and displays your data on a real-time dashboard, making it your one-stop-shop for monitoring your data.

Display your dashboards on your desktop, on TVs around the office, or even on mobile, dashboards. This way, everyone can easily access the manufacturing data. Meaning more collaboration and organizational transparency, leading to a more productive team.

Identify and address bottlenecks to get rid of that pesky red tape and amp up your approval processes

Dashboards and metrics help manufacturers identify lags in performance and what may be causing them.

A dashboard dedicated to measuring the success of the steps in your workflow makes it easier for you to identify any critical bottlenecks that need to be addressed or major success factors that should be duplicated to increase efficiency.

Share and collaborate with your most important business partners

Having each party on the same page improves productivity and keeps everyone focused on the same goal. Improve communication in your organization by sharing data that matters to everyone involved.


"Being able to reduce the time spent on manual reporting and focusing on the decision making really is the key to success. Luckily we have Klipfolio helping with that."

- Dimitris Vogiatzis, Analytics Engineer, Growth


"Klipfolio helps me manage a large portfolio of strategic projects with dashboards that inform executive stakeholders and facilitate the active governance required to maintain a balanced and aligned project portfolio."

- Jon Barrow, Director of Application Services, Benefis Health System


"Setup is easy with Klipfolio. It has a large number of pre-built data sources that help our clients set up dashboards quickly."

- Naveen Gabrani, CEO, Astrea IT Services

Why Klipfolio

Klipfolio allows you to pull in data from all of the different marketing services you use to track your performance—and display precisely what you need in a single interactive dashboard. What does this mean for you? No more piecemeal reports or spreadsheets with multiple versions. Take control of the way you analyze your data.

Check in before you decide

It’s easy to see trends and figure out how your business is performing. At the airport, in the back of an Uber, at the office or in front of a TV wallboard, it’s designed for wherever you are.

Use more evidence and less gut.

Work with everything

Your data may be scattered in different places, so how do those puzzle pieces fit together? Use out-of-the-box, hassle-free connectors for hundreds of data sources, including spreadsheets, files, databases, and web services applications.

Email Marketing Dashboard

Count on Expert Support

No matter what you’re trying to do, we’ve got your back. If you’ve read any reviews, you’ll hear our support team is second to none.

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Client management

Still sending spreadsheets to your clients? You’ll improve your service offerings and their business performance by instead giving them direct access to beautifully visualized live data tracking the progress of your engagement.

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Executive Reporting Dashboard

Web Metrics Dashboard

Sales Performance Dashboard

Accounts Health Dashboard

Social Media Status Dashboard

Let’s be friends. Kick-start your data-driven journey.

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