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Use quintly to build killer social media dashboards

Use quintly to build killer social media dashboards

Feel like your dashboard is missing some key social media metrics? Look no further than quintly, a social media analytics and competitor benchmarking tool.

quintly truly distinguishes itself as a premier social media analytics tool through their ability to keep tabs on your competition’s social media performance. With the quintly platform, it’s easy to set up tracking for the profiles of multiple competitors across multiple social networks. quintly’s competitive benchmarking lets you track and compare your social media KPIs against your competition.

One of the most common questions we get here at Klipfolio is how to track historic trends for social media dashboards. quintly is a rich tool that lets you track social media metrics like Facebook fans over time and Twitter followers over time. quintly’s value only increases as the historical data builds up. This opens up analytics possibilities beyond that of social media APIs like Twitter and Facebook. This is a huge value-add for social media managers looking to take their analytics to the next level.

Using quintly to build social media dashboards

First things first: go check out quintly. They have a free trial and setting up your account is simple as pie.

Okay, now that you’re set up with quintly, you will want to start building your social media dashboard. Here are 3 quintly metrics you can use to get started in just a few minutes.

Building a killer social media analytics dashboard with quintly

As a dashboarder and a social media marketing, you know that you need to connect to multiple social media tools to create meaningful dashboards. The good news is that you can combine quintly metrics with data from services like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and even sources like Google Analytics.

Here’s a sample quintly Dashboard that uses data from a few of these services.

Quintly Dashboard | Quintly dashboard example

Get started with Klipfolio and quintly

Wondering how to get started on your quintly dashboard? We’ve got you covered with a few great resources:


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