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7 Insightly metrics to make your sales dashboards soar

7 Insightly metrics to make your sales dashboards soar

Insightly has made a name for itself as the CRM solution for small businesses, boasting over 500,000 users. Sales teams are moving at blistering speeds today, and utilizing every tool available to get a tactical advantage. Players like Insightly put the power of a full-featured CRM tool in the hands of small businesses. Features aside, Insightly is competitively priced, starting with a free solution and gradually moving up a sliding scale to a reasonable $99/mo offering.

Here at Klipfolio, we love forging technology partnerships with brands and companies so close to our beliefs. The Klipfolio-Insightly integration is bound to make small business owners smile, all while being easy on the piggy bank. This is important because while sales folks take to CRMs like Insightly like superheroes to a damsel in distress, other stakeholders in the business are keenly interested in sales performance.

A sales dashboard is more than just giving sales teams instant visibility into their performance; it’s giving everyone in the business a scoreboard to rally around. Nothing gets your entire business excited quite like landing a new key account or hitting a big and ambitious monthly target. With Insightly, you can create sales dashboards that help your entire company soar to new heights.

Insightly sales metrics dashboard

Before we dive into the sales metrics powering the Insightly dashboard, I recommend you head over to Insightly and sign up for a free trial.

What I like about this Insightly sales dashboard is that you can create it entirely from Klip templates. This means you can go from zero to dashboard in just a few minutes, something I’m sure time-press sales teams will be glad to hear. Here’s an example of an Insightly dashboard you can create in Klipfolio.

Insightly Metrics | Dashboard Example

7 Insightly metrics for your sales dashboard

Getting started on your Insightly dashboard is straightforward thanks to easy to use Klip Templates. Check out these 7 Insightly metrics you can add to your dashboard today.

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