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4 Webtrends metrics to power your digital analytics dashboard

4 Webtrends metrics to power your digital analytics dashboard

Digital marketers are in their glory when it comes to rich tools available to help them measure their marketing metrics. What’s often missing is a cross-channel approach that marries data from website analytics, social media, and mobile analytics. Enter Webtrends.

Webtrends is a digital analytics software provider that offers solutions for web analytics, mobile analytics, and social media analytics. For digital marketers, Webtrends is a highly rated tool for deep analytics tracking and custom report building. Naturally, it’s a great fit for marketers building dashboards in Klipfolio. Marketers can create custom digital analytics dashboards by pairing Webtrends data with metrics from any number of services like social media platforms, CRMs, and marketing automation tools.

Webtrends digital analytics dashboard

Webtrends offers a number of digital analytics solutions, and I recommend checking them out to find out how the can help you become more data-driven: Digital Marketing Solutions

Here’s an example of a Webtrends dashboard you can create in Klipfolio.

Webtrends metrics | Dashboard Example

4 Webtrends metrics for your digital analytics dashboard

Getting started with Webtrends is straightforward thanks to the prebuilt metrics we've designed in the Klip Gallery. Check out these 4 Webtrends metrics you can add to your dashboard today.


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