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7 Harvest metrics for your client reporting dashboard

7 Harvest metrics for your client reporting dashboard

There is something about affordable, powerful software that we simply love. What is Harvest? Harvest helps your team track time to specific projects and tasks. You can create invoices and bill clients for the time you work and create reports that give you critical insight into the health of your business. We think it's a great addition to any dashboard, particularly for agencies.

When talking with our customers, it became apparent that there is a lot of demand for agencies to track Harvest time-tracking metrics on a dashboard. The reason for this is simple: agencies need to keep their clients informed on the status of projects. And that goes for web design agencies, advertising agencies, or mobile development. Harvest does a fantastic job at helping your team, you know, actually track their time and projects. Well, Klipfolio does a pretty good job at combining metrics from multiple services.

That’s where the Harvest-Klipfolio integration gets really interesting. You see, clients not only want to see how much time you’ve spent on a project and how much you’re billing them for that time, they also want to understand the specifics of each project. Tying Harvest data to that of a service like Trello or Basecamp makes for some very interesting client reporting dashboard possibilities. (BTW, Harvest has just released a slick integration with Trello and also has one for Basecamp).

Harvest client reporting dashboard

If you’re an agency thinking about making time tracking and invoicing even easier, check out Harvest. They have a free 30-day trial, which is plenty of time to see the value of Harvest.

We’ve put together an example dashboard to show how Harvest customers are using Klipfolio. In writing this blog, I also found this blog from Harvest on this topic. Check it out Using the Harvest API for Radical Transparency with Clients

Harvest Metrics | Harvest dashboard example

View the interactive Harvest Dashboard demo!

7 Harvest metrics to add to your dashboard

Getting started with a Harvest dashboard in Klipfolio is simple thanks to these pre-built metrics. You can add any of these metrics directly to your dashboard. Enjoy!

Get started with Klipfolio and Harvest

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