Rand Fishkin's Web Metrics Dashboard

Rand challenged marketers to build a dashboard that would set them up for big things in 2016. We accepted this challenge.

Rand Fishkin introduced the Web Metrics Dashboard in his first Whiteboard Friday video of the year. In that video, he provided marketers with instructions for building a dashboard that will help them measure and answer critical questions about their performance in 2016. He issued a challenge to marketers:

“We need a better metrics dashboard.”

We couldn’t agree more.

The web metrics dashboard answers 4 key marketing questions

There are lots of different types of marketing questions. But the reason Rand Fishkin’s Web Metrics Dashboard is so valuable is because it answers four critical questions every marketer has about their performance:


How are we doing?


How much have we improved?


Why is this happening?


When did this happen?

Rand’s other challenge: Creating an automated web metrics dashboard

We think that this methodology and approach offers a lot of value to marketers. One challenge in creating this dashboard is the ability to automate data collection. As Rand describes it, the data required to build this dashboard comes from a number of services and tools. Collecting this data could be a very manual process.

Which is why we made it our mission to help marketers automate the creation of the web metrics dashboard.

Building Rand Fishkin’s Web Metrics Dashboard

You can build Rand Fishkin’s Web Metrics Dashboard in Klipfolio. The dashboard is fully automated, and only takes a few minutes to set up. This page provides all the information you need to successfully create, customize, and extend your own Web Metrics Dashboard.

Interactive Example of the Web Metrics Dashboard

klipfolio - web metrics dashboard

View the full dashboard

How to build the Web Metrics Dashboard

Klipfolio can automate the entire process of creating and updating this dashboard. To successfully set up the dashboard, follow these steps.

Rand Fishkin's Web Metrics Dashboard | Dashboard Services

Step 1

Make sure you have valid credentials to the following services.

  • Google Analytics
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Salesforce

What if I don't have credentials right now? No problem, you can always select the 'Connect Later' option.

Rand Fishkin's Web Metrics Dashboard | Badge

Step 2

Add the metrics using the Klip Gallery

You can find the metrics listed in our Klip Gallery under this symbol.

You can also add the metrics using the Overview section on this page.

Rand Fishkin's Web Metrics Dashboard | Metrics

Step 3

Arrange the metrics in order

We've included handy images to show you how best to order the metrics on your dashboard.

Rand Fishkin's Web Metrics Dashboard | Extend the dashboard

Step 4

Customize and extend the functionality of the dashboard

Check out some of the options for extending the dashboard using powerful marketing tools.

Overview of each metric

Rand Fishkin's Web Metrics Dashboard | Awareness Metric

Awareness Metric

How are people hearing about your brand? This metric measures your monthly performance on social media and for branded searches.


  • Consider customizing this metric with additional social media channels like Instagram or YouTube


klipfolio - google analytics klipfolio - facebook kpi klipfolio - twitter integration klipfolio - talkwalker integration
Rand Fishkin's Web Metrics Dashboard | First visit metric

First visit metric

How are people finding your website and how engaged are they on their first visit? This metric tracks where visitors come from (eg: organic search, social media, email, etc) and how engaged they are with your website based on either time on site or page views per session.


  • The threshold for engagement can be adjusted depending on how you define an engaged visit
  • The channel groupings are taken from Google Analytics’ default channel groupings


klipfolio - google analytics
Rand Fishkin's Web Metrics Dashboard | Returning visit metrics

Returning visit metrics

How do returning visitors engage with your website? This metric groups visitors into the buckets according to the number of times they’ve returned to your website.


  • This metric is important for content marketers as it demonstrates how well you perform with your community or audience


klipfolio - google analytics
Rand Fishkin's Web Metrics Dashboard | Returning visit metrics

Conversion metric

How are marketing efforts impacting conversions and sales? This metric provides insight into the performance of core product/purchase pages, web conversions, and compares that to online sales.


  • This metric likely requires the most customization as every business will define conversions and transactions differently.


klipfolio - google analytics klipfolio - salesforce

Extending the Web Metrics dashboard

As Rand states in his video, the Web Metrics Dashboard is a methodology or way to approach your measurement strategy in 2016. You will want to customize elements of the dashboard, or create additional metrics to support the metrics displayed on this dashboard. We’ve teamed up with some awesome marketing services to help you accomplish this.

klipfolio - moz integration


Moz is a leading SEO software provider that lets you track keywords, referring links, research content and topic areas, and track influencers. Their rich toolset is the perfect compliment to the web metrics dashboard, especially for extending the reporting capabilities of the Brand Awarness metric.

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Talkwalker is a social media intelligence tool that tracks all brand mentions on digital channels whether it's a blog, 3rd party website, or social media post. Talkwalker is already featured in the Brand Awareness metric under the 'Branded Mentions' metric. However, you can also get historical data for brand mentions.

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klipfolio - webtrends


Webtrends is a digital analytics software provider that offers solutions for web analytics, mobile analytics, and social media analytics. Dig deeper in the web analytics metrics on this dashboard, and get more in depth information on first time visits, returning visits, and online conversions

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klipfolio - gosquared integration


GoSquared provides real-time insight into your web visitors, users, and customers; it’s a buffet of rich web analytics that is accessible enough that everyone on your team can use the data. Use GoSquared to add additional insight to the new visit, returning visit, and online conversion metrics.

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klipfolio - quintly integration


quintly is a social media analytics tool that helps you track, benchmark and optimize your social media performance. Use quintly to extend the capabilities of the brand awareness metric by capturing historical social media information and more in-depth reporting.

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Sharing the dashboard

The saying goes, “What you measure, you improve.” This is doubly true when you share your dashboard with key people on your team. Here are a few ways you can share the dashboard

Wallboard Display

Nothing is cooler than a dashboard on a wallboard display. It captures attention, inspires conversations, and rallies your team around your key marketing metrics.

klipfolio - web metrics tv dashboard

PDF Reports

The web metrics dashboard is print-ready. Share it with the board, executives, and senior management in just a few clicks. Create your executive report.

klipfolio - web metrics dashboard pdf report

Interactive web links

You can share a fully interactive version of the dashboard (just like we’ve done) using our published link feature.

klipfolio - web metrics laptop dashboard

Mobile dashboards

Keep the dashboard in your pocket using either our iPhone or Android app.

klipfolio - web metrics mobile dashboard

Dashboards Every Marketer Should Track

The Web Metrics dashboard is a fantastic dashboard for understanding your monthly and annual performance. Chances are this dashboard has you thinking what else you could track on a dashboard. The answer: pretty much anything. Here are some our top marketing dashboards: