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Klipfolio's Top News Makers - #4. Desktop Dashboard 6.0

Klipfolio's Top News Makers - #4. Desktop Dashboard 6.0

Klipfolio - news makers desktop dashboard

Headline: Klipfolio Dashboard 6.0 Adds Centralized Management

Headline: Deploy KPI Dashboards Faster with Developer Edition 6.0


With all the attention that our web and mobile offering is getting, it may appear that we've forgotten about Klipfolio Dashboard for the desktop. That couldn't be more wrong. The release of desktop dashboard 6.0 marks an important step forward in the capabilities of our business dashboard and developer community.


Desktop Dashboard 6.0 brought a host of new features to our customers, including more self-serve options, making it easier for organizations to manage their KPIs. On top of that, Dashboard Manager streamlines the day-to-day management of Klipfolio Dashboard. These updates made headlines this year, and you can expect more headlines for our Desktop Dashboard next year.

Extra! Extra!

Whenever we introduce new features into our dashboard definition we love to make a video to show you what you can expect the next time you log in. We went the extra mile in this video, so why not check it out these two videos on our YouTube channel: Klipfolio Dashboard Manager and Refine, Filter, and Find.


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