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Klipfolio's Top 5 News Makers - #2. Big wins, new customers

Klipfolio's Top 5 News Makers - #2. Big wins, new customers

Klipfolio - news makers new customers

We like our customers big, and are very proud by the company we keep. The world's largest organizations and brands rely on Klipfolio Dashboard every day to provide a clear and accurate view of performance metrics across their businesses.

Here is a selection I'm sure you will be familiar with: Aviva, the biggest insurance company in the UK; the world's number one silicone chip maker; the largest global restaurant company; the world's most recognized breakfast cereal brand; and Boeing, the largest aerospace manufacturer.

Extra! Extra!

Aviva's Daniel Steel agreed to talk to us so that we could take a look at how his department uses Klipfolio Dashboard. It was a fascinating glimpse into the uber-busy environment of Aviva's IT Service Desk. Want to learn how Aviva reduced data aggregation costs while increasing data visibility? Check out Aviva's customer profile to learn more.


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