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The use case for dashboards - Call Centers

The use case for dashboard - Call Centers

Something worth considering when evaluating a mobile BI solution is how that solution will be deployed. For example, Klipfolio Dashboard is a cloud-based solution meaning that you can access it on any Internet-enabled device, whether it's your Mac or PC, iPhone or Nexus, iPad or Playbook, and even an LCD monitor. Mobile BI is about accessing KPIs anywhere, anytime, and by anyone.

I want to start taking a look at different use-cases to show scenarios where mobile BI can save the day. I hesitate to call it mobile BI, as what we are really talking about is pervasive BI - the ability to provide all relevant employees access to key metrics that measure and reflect their performance. Let's start with a familiar scenario: a call center. (Make sure to check out this case study to learn how Aviva's IT Service Desk uses mobile BI)

Call Center Use Case


Eric's role as a manager of a call center puts him in the hot-seat in one of the busiest departments in the organization. When things start to go bad, he needs to act quickly or else the call center could be overwhelmed by angry customers.

The lead-up

Over past few months, Eric has noticed that the current service level in the call center has been declining. Accessing his web and mobile dashboard from his Mac, he notices that at certain times during the week where service levels drop dramatically. Eric's management style is centered on delegating tasks to his team and letting them take responsibility for their actions. The problem is that he needs to provide his team with a way to see when service level drops, in real-time, so they can take appropriate action.


The call center has recently deployed Klipfolio Dashboard for web and mobile, and has provided access to the dashboard to all management staff. Eric already has a dashboard set up that monitors a range of call center KPIs and metrics, including service level and agent-by-agent performance. Already, several agents had commented on the dashboard when they were in his office, noting that the metrics he was viewing would be handy on the floor.

... he saves the day

Eric shares his business dashboard by setting up LCD monitors that display KPIs in a way that is visible to every agent on the floor. His belief is that by making people responsibility for their performance and providing them accurate information in real-time, his agents would take the right actions to address challenges before they become problems. By providing visual indicators that alert staff of issues and SLA breaches, his agents are able to self-correct, spending less time on calls or picking up waiting calls more quickly during busy times.

Eric was right - his agents are more than willing to take responsibility for call center performance. All they were missing was the facts needed to make important decisions on their own. Not only did his idea improve performance, it won him the respect of his bosses. They took notice of his idea, and have decided to use LCD monitors to display call center dashboards in each of their locations. And guess what? Eric is the one leading the effort.

Check out this article to learn which call center KPIs our customers monitor.


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