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Disruption, treadmills, and dashboards

Disruption, treadmills, and dashboards

When we were contacted by VWV, leading global brand experts, to put together a dashboard for an event for Miller 64, we knew we couldn't pass up the opportunity. Couple this with the fact that we'd be working closely with our partners Zerion Software (makers of iFormBuilder), and we were positively thrilled about the idea.

The back-story is that Miller 64 wanted to put on an event to raise money for Soles4Souls by setting up treadmills in 4 different cities: Austin, Chicago, Las Vegas, and Miami. The idea was to have people run on the treadmill for 64 seconds to help contribute to the goal of raising $64,000. Participants in each city would be able to view a "ticker" or dashboard to stir up a bit of friendly competition and to show everyone how close they were to hitting their target. As you might have guessed, we played an important role in setting up this business dashboard.

klipfolio - soles4souls

There are a few key elements to this dashboard definition. First, we worked closely with VWV to ensure that this dashboard was on-message and informative. Next, we needed to provide an accurate gauge for each city and then rank the cities based on their performance. This was done by having event staff collect the data using iFormBuilder on their iPads, and then send that data to the dashboard so it could update. Lastly, we wanted to show who was stepping up to run on the treadmill, and share a bit of information about each person. Again, iFormBuilder played a huge role in collecting this data.

This is all to say that this was an incredible experience. We had the opportunity to put our business dashboard to work in a new and interesting way. Not only that, but we had to overcome the challenges of retrieving data from multiple locations in real-time and keeping the dashboard constantly up to date. Thanks to the genius of iFormBuilder (really, go check it out for yourself), this part proved pretty straightforward.

We like to think that we played an important role in hitting the target (which the event did!). If you compare the Chicago and Las Vegas values, you can see that there was definitely a bit of a competition going on between locations. I can't help but think that seeing the numbers change on a minute-by-minute basis would help to inspire a few more people to get on the treadmill!


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