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12 must-have metrics to fuel your sales analytics

12 must-have metrics to fuel your sales analytics

Don’t know which metrics to use to monitor your sales analytics? Well, not to fear, we have you covered! This blog will do a deep dive into the most important sales analytics that you should have on your sales dashboard. The 12 metrics I’ve selected give you the real-time and actionable data you need to empower your sales team.

Why monitor sales analytics

Sales is a critical part of any business, and monitoring sales data and creating a sales report helps increase your performance and optimize team actions. Sales metrics need to be informative and actionable. Your sales team has numerous aspects to focus on, so a sales dashboard needs to be clear of clutter; the sales team should be able to gather all their key data points with just a glance. With the right sales data analysis, you will be saving time on reporting, and you’ll be able to quickly identify key sales metrics like top performing regions, account types, customer retention, and customer acquisition costs.

Sales Analytics Dashboard Examples

Your sales team is likely very busy, and if they’re anything like our team, they need to have all their data accessible and in real time. A sales analytics dashboard keeps your sales team up to date with the latest opportunities, accounts, wins, retention rate, and revenue, without making them search through banks of data!

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12 essential metrics for your sales analytics dashboard

It can be difficult to select the right metrics to monitor and compile on a dashboard. To avoid overwhelming yourself with the options, use these top 12 metrics for sales performance analytics (all of which can be added to your dashboard with a click of a button):