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Taking the pulse of your healthcare organization with clinical KPIs

Taking the pulse of your healthcare organization with clinical KPIs

If you've ever been in an emergency room, then you can appreciate the information challenges front-line healthcare workers need to overcome. From one minute to the next they need to handle details like patient charts, triage results, and arrange treatments and tests. And this has to be done as new patients continue to stream into the ER. Couple this with the fact that patients are anxious and impatient, and you can get a sense of the operational challenges facing ER staff.

To help manage all these details, healthcare workers rely on clinical KPIs and metrics to understand their performance. In one sense a hospital is just like any other enterprise in that it relies on having financial ratios and KPIs to manage performance. In another sense, a hospital is unlike any other enterprise as its practices and performance are subject to (intense) public scrutiny. Ultimately, the performance of a healthcare facility is judged using clinical metrics like patient satisfaction, ER wait times, and clinical outcomes.

This month's installment of KPI Examples for your organization addresses this problem by tackling the top 10 Clinical Healthcare KPIs and metrics. Each of the entries on the list is easy to understand, even if you don't work in healthcare, because you've probably had some experience with a healthcare facility like a hospital. To give you a taste of what types of KPIs are in this article, check out the image below.

klipfolio - ER wait times kpi

This image frames the question of ER wait times in several ways. Starting on the left, you are given current wait times and can see wait times over the past 24 hours. In the KPI on the top-right, you are given an overview of patients in the ER, what condition they are in (urgent/stable), if they've been triaged, and how long they have been waiting. The final two KPIs on the bottom right take a longer view of wait times and occupancy, and look at these metrics over the past 30 days.

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