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Which device do you use to access your mobile BI?

Which device do you use to access your mobile BI?

It's been a year since Klipfolio Dashboard for web and mobile emerged from the Beta, and we've been monitoring what mobile device you're using to access your dashboard. The results speak for themselves: 80% of mobile access is on an Apple device. In fact, 56% of total mobile access is on the iPad, with the iPhone accounting for 24% of access.

I'll admit I found these results a little bit surprising. That's because with the wide variety of devices used in the business world, I expected more representation of Android and BlackBerry devices. But that's not to say they aren't used to access Klipfolio Dashboard for web and mobile, just that mobile access is dominated by the iPad and iPhone.

What do these results mean?

With mobile BI starting to enjoy more widespread adoption, there is still a lot of room for growth and improvement. The results of this study point to the fact that business users carry over their consumer expectations to mobile business intelligence. Apple is a consumer juggernaut, and it makes a lot of sense that people who access apps, email, etc, from their Apple device would also use it for mobile BI.

As an Android user myself, I routinely access our business dashboard remotely to check the latest KPIs (that's right, we use Klipfolio Dashboard to monitor our business, too!). I've had a lot of fun playing around on our test devices (iPads, iPhones, Playbooks, etc), and the functionality of the dashboard is even across the board. In other words, dashboard definition does not change depending on device type.

To help clarify these results, I decided to turn to CEO and President Allan Wille, a lifelong Apple user, to find out why Apple dominates mobile BI access. Here's what he had to say:

"While Klipfolio Dashboard is optimized for use on any mobile device, Apple products provide an incredible user experience. This translates into mobile BI quite nicely, because if you like the device you use to text, view apps, check emails, then taking the next step and monitoring KPIs is almost academic."

As for iPad use, the reasoning again is clear: "Our customers frequently tell me that they use the iPad in boardroom meetings to share KPIs relevant to your organization without having to deal with notoriously difficult projectors. The size of the iPad screen has a lot to do with this, since it's easy to view an entire dashboard from your device. This ease of use means that you can walk to your boss's desk and show him or her the latest metrics avoiding the trappings of email attachments and printed reports."

Roadmap for mobile development

The question you all have on your mind is, how do these results impact development on the mobile BI side of Klipfolio Dashboard?

Well, our development process isn't geared towards any single mobile device. We optimize performance for all mobile devices, and treat them equally. And even if Apple products dominate mobile access, rest assured that your dashboard looks great on any device.

That being said, development is geared towards ensuring that our mobile BI dashboard is user-friendly and aligns with consumer expectations. This means providing intuitive functionality, clean and simple design, and developing capabilities that deliver results on any mobile device.

Here's what Allan had to say about future developments: "That Apple accounts for 80% of mobile access to Klipfolio Dashboard sends a clear message that successful mobile BI adoptions need to build off of existing consumer expectations. Consumers expect to be able to swipe and glide through their device to get the information they want and interact with it effectively. Our continued objective is to fulfill these expectations by delivering a best-in-class mobile BI dashboard."


This is a fascinating topic, and we'd love to hear what your thoughts are. The best way to join the conversation is to find us on Twitter: we're @Klipfolio.


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