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Webinar Recap: Visualizing a Multi-Channel World

Webinar Recap: Visualizing a Multi-Channel World

In case you missed last week's webinar, "Visualizing a Multi-Channel World," we've made sure you can watch the video and view the slide packs. Here are the links:

Webinar Video

Webinar Slides

3 lessons to apply to your data visualizations

As you might expect in an hour long presentation, we covered a lot of ground. Since everyone loves summaries and lists, I've decided to narrow it down to the top 3 lessons you can apply to your next data visualization.

Anything that can be automated, should be automated

We live in a wonderful age where data can be pulled from almost any source using an API and plugged into a data visualization (using a tool like Klipfolio's business dashboard). This means you can use the "build once, view always" model, and trust that the data you are viewing is always up to date.

Klipfolio - Automated KPI

Big Data? More data, but purpose remains the same

Big data is a massively hyped concept right now and also very important. The problem that some folks run into is getting fixated on the size and scale of the data rather than the actual purpose of that data. In other words, BI data is still about getting the right data to the right people at the right time (regardless of the "size" of that data).

Klipfolio - self evident data

Make your data self-evident

Allan Wille put it this way: "A new employee should be able to view any visualization and immediately understand the story your data is telling." It's that kind of simplicity that separates effective data visualizations from the rest of the pack, and the ideal you should strive for in each visualization you create. Even if that's difficult in the visualization itself, social features like Klipfolio's annotations make it possible for users to share context within the application.

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