Website Page Views and Visits

Klip Template | Webtrends - Website Page Views and Visits

Metric Overview:

Monitor your website visits and page views over the past 30 days and compare to the previous 30 days.


About this Klip

Your website visits and page views over time gives you insight into your site’s pull and how effective it is at engaging users. Measuring trends over time, with percentage changes and hard numbers, your team has a clear view into how their site efforts are progressing.

About the visualization

Identify increases or decreases in your page views, visits, and total page views per visit, with your trend line, and compare your data to the previous 30 days.

About Webtrends

Webtrends helps you improve your digital marketing strategy and gain customer data by finding new ways to reach your customers, allowing you to create and monitor A/B Tests, and optimizing to drive up your conversions.

klipfolio - maurice lp customer

"Klipfolio keeps our whole team on the same page. With all of our key metrics at our fingertips, it helps our team make smarter data-driven business decisions."

- LP Maurice, CEO and Co-founder at Busbud

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