For a company to be truly data-driven, it needs access to a staggering amount of data. That’s where a data warehouse comes in – it stores a company’s relevant data so it can be put to use in making your business better. But getting your numbers into a data warehouse is only half the battle. Without the tools to recognize patterns, discover insights and predict outcomes, all the wisdom in your data warehouse will go undiscovered.
If you don’t have the tools to regularly monitor what these data points are saying, you could quickly find your business in a hole from which it can’t get out. Thankfully, Klipfolio is here to help.
Klipfolio’s self service business intelligence solution gets you up and running with analyzing performance and measuring results that will allow you to make better business decisions in no time – all without the need to expand your IT department or hire a team of data professionals.

New Office, new interactive floor plan in our dashboard

Klipfolio is a platform to visualize various metrics that can help businesses determine the health of their operations and help understand areas where they can optimize performance. This data is typically being displayed on bar charts, tables, and pie charts just to name a few. But what about having the ability to overlay your data over an image file such as a floor plan to be able to associate a location with the data?


Proving your LinkedIn Ads performance with dashboards

So you’ve decided to advertise on LinkedIn. Smart! With over 500 million users, it’s a great way to share products, services, and content with the right people at the right time.

As the marketer in charge of your LinkedIn Ads, you know that getting your ads and landing pages set up is just the first step.

Tracking your ad performance, conversions, and social ad ROI is the most important part of running ads on platforms like LinkedIn.


World-Class SaaS Support: The Metrics You Need to Track

Delivering world-class SaaS support requires a comprehensive approach. If your organization is going to deliver what your clients need when they need it, it’s critical to stay on top of your service, and the quality being provided to your customers—and to do all of this with a reasonable allocation of resources.


International Women's Day

International Women’s Day is dedicated to celebrating all women around the world. This awareness initiative is a call-to-action to move towards gender parity and to recognize women for their social, economic, cultural and political contributions to society.


See how Electrolux uses dashboards for their main office and local European shops

Andreas Tóth, the Online Sales Manager at Electrolux has worked for the company since November 2016, helping to grow the online sales and introduce a data driven culture with the help of Klipfolio dashboards.