KPI management: On letting go

Establishing a KPI doesn't necessarily mean holding it forever. KPI management means letting go when the time is right.


What's your most important KPI?

KPIs. Most of us know what they are, and many of us are using them as intended. But what if your job depended on one KPI? Which would you choose, and why?


Digital nomad success, part 2: Tools for work

Note: To see part 1, click here.

You know the typical picture that's painted of digital nomads. It's similar to the one often painted for people that work remotely or those that work from home:

digital nomad meme

But this perception is changing. Digital nomads (and remote workers in general) are accounting for an increasing percentage of the global workforce.


On calm technology and business dashboards

The importance of calm technology simply cannot be understated. And most modern business dashboards are serving as a rather unheralded example of calm technology.


Digital nomad success, part 1: Travel & accommodation

The digital nomad lifestyle takes strategy and planning. In part 1 of this series, Danielle Poleski covers a few helpful tools for travel and accommodation.


3 simple rules for intuitive dashboard design

Great dashboard design is about far more than metrics and KPIs. Here are a few tips for building a dashboard that feels intuitive.


How to identify your KPIs

KPIs do not begin to impact your business until the moment you've identified which ones are most important. Here's how to do it.


Top Landing Pages for Organic Search

Monitor your top ten landing pages based on organic search traffic.

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The KPIs of failure

Setting the right KPIs is critical for success. But Mark Brownlee also believes that setting failure KPIs can help create a healthier, more realistic pathway to success.


Resistance is fertile: On slow content for anxious startups

Startups, writes Paul Graham, "are designed to grow fast." But slow content is often the best for content marketing. Is it possible to balance both? Yes.