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KPI4, a Data Visualization Consulting firm, serves clients around the world to analyze business intelligence. At KPI4, we believe that data can be fully realized and comprehended only through right visualization. We use klipfolio along with our years of experience in big data analytics to find meaningful insights out of raw data.

We work closely with clients from data acquisition through data management to data representation. We accumulate clients’ data from multiple sources to figure out Key Performance Indicators (KPI) clearly defining business health. Our diverse client base has helped us master the art of data representation through dashboards that is beautiful and effective.

We offer working from the client’s premises when dealing with sensitive data. We work with the clients to train their employees data management and visualization techniques as well. No matter how challenging the business data is, we will help simplify it.

We also work with companies: Worldwide

Our typical clients are: Small to Medium business, Advertisement, Technology, Finance, Sales etc.








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