Up-to-the-minute refresh for your mission-critical dashboards

Near Real Time Refresh

When your business changes every minute, your dashboards should too. Ensure your data is live at all times or schedule a refresh time to make sure your data is pre-loaded when people first login. Get Near Real Time Data Refresh for priority workloads.

Refresh your data sources in a dedicated queue, even in peak usage periods.


Up to 25k data refreshes per day

An extra $100/month for each additional 10k data refreshes.

Let's get you set up!

Priority Refresh Flow

How will it help?

Refresh your data sources nearly every minute, even in peak usage periods.

While all Klipfolio dashboards can update automatically with live data, all data sources are treated equally to ensure a fair and positive experience for all.

This means that data sources queued to refresh every minute can often lag a few minutes behind.

Picture a long, fast-moving line in front of a single doorway. 8000 data sources pass through it every minute. And all data sources are treated equally.

For your priority workloads, when you don’t want to wait in line: We’ve added a dedicated doorway.

Who is it for?

Near Real Time Data Refresh is perfect for Klipfolio customers with:

  • Large numbers of users
  • Requirements to see data in near real time, or as soon as it changes
  • Data coming primarily from:
    • SQL databases, local or cloud
    • Rapidly changing Google Sheets, shared Excel files, or FTP/SFTP
    • REST connectors
  • Large numbers of dynamic data sources
  • Specific periods of heavy usage (early morning, end of month, etc.)
  • High priority dashboards that get a lot of views

What does it do?

Let's break it down a bit more... Near Real Time Refresh includes the following key features:

Priority queue for data source refreshes

Faster and more consistent refresh times. Data sources in the public queue are sometimes delayed by the number of other sources waiting in the queue.

Data always up to date

Near Real Time Data Refresh includes the ability to warm up your data sources by scheduling a time for refresh at a strategic time of the day before people first log in. You’ll experience faster load times on initial login because your dashboard data will already be up to date.

Longer dynamic data sources retention

Dynamic data source instances will be retained for longer than in our public environment. Load time on first login will be decreased because fewer dynamic data source instances will need to be recreated.