December 5, 2011

Branding is here!

Ottawa, Canada - December 05, 2011: Klipfolio Inc. today announced an important update to its web and mobile KPI dashboard, including the ability for customers to upload and add their own logo to the dashboard. In conjunction with this announcement, Klipfolio has released a new video showcasing how simple it is for users to replace the Klipfolio brand with their own. This exciting feature will allow organizations to maintain their brand when using the dashboard, and will also allow Klipfolio's partners keep the spotlight on their company.

Available now at, this update adds the following features:

  • Branding - Replace the Klipfolio logo with your own.
  • Facebook OAuth support lets users connect to their Facebook feeds and Facebook Insights.
  • Multi-sheet selector for Excel spreadsheets simplifies assigning data to Klips.
  • New utility to transform date formats and support for dates in data sources.

"Customer feedback is what drives our development process," says Allan Wille, President and CEO of Klipfolio. "As our customers request new features or provide feedback on our dashboard, we listen to that message and adjust our priorities to meet that demand. The branding feature is a great example of our users driving the development of our dashboard."

Klipfolio Dashboard provides a consolidated view of real-time business performance metrics, helping everyone throughout the organization make quicker, more informed decisions, while improving performance and profitability.

About Klipfolio

Klipfolio’s mission is to make it fast, easy and affordable for business users to build and share real-time dashboards - enabling them to move from quarterly reflective management to continual performance optimization. Klipfolio has more than 9000 customers including marketing agencies, and those in the financial services, healthcare, consumer goods and not-for-profit industries. Find out more at or follow us on

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