April 30, 2013

Drill Down has arrived

Ottawa, Canada - April 30, 2013: Klipfolio Inc today announced the general availability of the latest to its web-based dashboard. At the top of this is the addition of drill down, a new core feature that marks the continued maturation of Klipfolio Dashboard and its emergence as a leading dashboard application. Drill down provides users with an intuitive interface to "drill" through multiple layers of data to go from summary level information to a very detailed view of that same data. For instance, going from national sales figures and drilling down to see sales figures for specific cities or stores.

In a statement issued earlier this week, Klipfolio CEO and President had this to say: "The addition of drill down to Klipfolio Dashboard provides user with a core feature that they will use on a daily basis. Features like drill down are important for providing users with those "aha!" moments that show the transformation from raw data to real insight."

While drill down is receiving the most attention, this release also incorporates dozens of new features, updates, and optimization. In particular, users can now create data sources using their email account to send attachments directly to Klipfolio Dashboard. As well, Klipfolio has added a number of functions that users can use to manipulate raw data for use in data visualizations.

Here's an overview of new features that users can expect the next time they log into app.klipfolio.com:

  • Drill down for table components
  • Use email attachments as a data source
  • On-dashboard notifications for Klips with failed data sources
  • Dozens of new functions used in formula editing

About Klipfolio

Klipfolio’s mission is to make it fast, easy and affordable ($19/for 5 users/month) for business users to build and share real-time dashboards - enabling them to move from quarterly reflective management to continual performance optimization. Klipfolio has more than 9000 customers including marketing agencies, and those in the financial services, healthcare, consumer goods and not-for-profit industries. Find out more at klipfolio.com or follow us on twitter.com/klipfolio.

Media Contact: Marketing Department at Klipfolio, marketing@klipfolio.com