November 30, 2015

Klipfolio Customer Jebbit Wins 2015 Ventana Research Leadership Award for Cloud Computing

(Ottawa, Ontario and Boston) November 30, 2015Klipfolio customer Jebbit was recognized for a Ventana Research Leadership Award in Cloud Computing supporting marketing for creating an environment of transparency by tying together dozens of different information sources into one easily understood marketing and sales dashboard. Jebbit used Klipfolio dashboards to create a “Wall of Knowledge,” giving employees, executives and even investors an always up-to-date snapshot of individual, departmental and company performance.

“Nicholas Lemiuex and the Jebbit team are a great example of how a goal-driven, transparent culture can make a big difference for a company,” said Allan Wille, Klipfolio’s co-founder and CEO. “The growth experienced by Jebbit is the truest testament to the success of this strategy.”

This data-based decision-making initiative, led by Jebbit’s marketing director, Nicholas Lemieux, was vital to the company’s growth, helping it grow from a startup to an established vendor.  Lemieux evaluated 12 dashboard services, and after a hands-on trial, picked Klipfolio. Ultimately, he decided that many of the other solutions lacked the flexibility and control Jebbit needed.

“I knew Klipfolio was the right product for us. As I started using the knowledge base and configuring our data sources, I was hooked,” said Lemieux. “Our goal was to make the most of the data generated by our enterprise, sales and marketing applications.”

Lemieux continued, “It would have been very easy to get distracted by extra technology and different features. These can easily turn into ‘rabbit holes,’ delaying results. By focusing on the business goal, we were able to start making decisions based on our data much more quickly than if we tried to build a whole new system.”

"The Leadership Awards acknowledge and honor individuals and organizations for their accomplishments using technology to deliver the best value while they achieve specific goals and objectives," said Mark Smith, CEO and chief research officer of Ventana Research. "Lemieux and his work at Jebbit have shown how using Klipfolio in the cloud to focus on the analytics and business goals can deliver results for the company."

The 2015 Ventana Research Leadership Awards bring forward the leaders and pioneers who have contributed to their organization's successes. These practitioners realize that successful business technology implementations require a team effort guided by leadership, and Ventana Research awards bring industry attention to those that have committed resources to this critical undertaking.

The Ventana Research Leadership Awards cover 27 business and technology categories and are open to organizations across business and IT, technology vendors and consulting firms. Case studies and submissions are evaluated based on stringent guidelines. This year’s award recipients will be announced and presented to the market at the 2015 Leadership Awards Ceremony on Dec. 3rd, 2015. Register to attend the webcast.

About Jebbit

Jebbit powers post-click engagement, allowing a brand to drive more revenue and engagement from consumers after they click on a given ad/social post/email message. Jebbit technology powers brands with an interactive question and answer experience that overlays their landing pages enticing consumers to learn more and spend extra time engaging with the content.

Jebbit has increased conversion and decreased wasted spend for over 100 brands to date, including Bose, Dell, Microsoft, Reebok, and Zipcar and can easily integrate with any marketing campaign in minutes- no lines of code required- to improve results. CNBC named Jebbit as one of the “Top 25 Most Promising Companies in the World” in 2012, and Jebbit was named as the “Top Startup at SXSW” in 2014. Learn more at

About Klipfolio

Klipfolio is trusted and relied on by over 11,000 of the world’s best and brightest organizations. As a leader in the cloud-based business intelligence dashboarding and reporting market, Klipfolio is a cost-effective, flexible analytics solution that integrates with hundreds of data services to create powerful business insights. With customers in healthcare, financial services, consumer goods, non-profit, and marketing, sales, support, Klipfolio is changing the way data is used one Klip at a time. To learn more, visit the Klipfolio website or follow us on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook.

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